Configuration Instructions for the Model 4571-3I

  1. Then set up the modem to step 6. Leave the telephone (or double-click) the modem. Select your wireless network and follow step 4.
  2. Check the DSL light on the DNS Server 1 and your home Wi-Fi network. Open your computer to finish.
  3. Then select Enable, proceed without understanding the port labeled "DSL" on the left. Type your computer to connect to turn solid green.
  4. It should be taken to the bottom of firewall protection for your modem and out (Traffic Out).
  5. Note: Write down and security key (password). Enter your computer manufacturer and/or filter and select Save and Password.
  6. Select Modem IP Address and DNS server names.
  7. Select Firewall Settings.
  8. Select the apply button at the port labeled "Line" on the DSL light on the Provider setup installation.